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waste? recycled. reclaimed. redefined.

Waste™? is a pretty cool site featuring a bunch of webisodes that may eventually make up a documentary of the same name. The webisodes discuss the nature of waste… What is it? What can you do with it, aside from throw it away? The intro video even gets all eco-philosophical and asks (and I hope a webisode will soon discuss) the following: What would you call waste if the word ‘waste’ didn’t exist? (Don’t say ‘rubbish’ or ‘garbage’ – that’s not the point!)

The webisodes are really interesting, and so far they cover:

  • Recycled clothes (which I find fascinating – I’ve written a few things about recycled fabric: use the search function on my site to look up ‘cloth’ and ‘fabric’ and similar key terms to read more)
  • Earthships (maybe I can build something like this on my dream land that I’ll eventually get… but a strawbale house will still be my main residence)
  • Making music with metal discards and other rubbish. I love this! It makes me think of the lagerphone, a quintessential Aussie bush instrument made of bottle tops nailed to a long stick (usually a broom stick). It’s used to play bush music, along the same lines as the spoons. I would love to hear some of The Junkman’s albums. He’s not just banging on either – I mean, the guy is classically trained!
  • Self-managed process waste water from a North American brewery to make biogas. I love the idea of biogas, but hate that it generally is created using much needed food – this process just uses old water from a brewery. We have a big brewery in Brisbane (XXXX) that could do something like this! There’s gotta be lots of good stuff in their water – the fumes that come out of that place smell soooooooo hoppy.. it’s dreadful when you’re waiting for the train outside the building; almost makes you sick. I could handle it if I knew they were doing something good with it.

The intro video on the main page of the site (it doesn’t include an embed code, which I’m a bit confused by – surely you wanna spread the word however you can?) shows lots of different stuff, so I’m hoping some new webisodes will come out soon!



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