Unexpectedly Non-Vegan

Have you ever picked something up in the supermarket thinking it was vegan, got it home and then realised it wasn’t? This section aims to help you avoid that. Here’s a list of things you’d expect to be vegan… that aren’t.

Note that almost everything on this list is vegetarian, so if that’s what floats your boat, you’re probably pretty safe here. I’d check the ingredients list anyway, though.

  • Sanitarium Tender Schnitzels*
  • Sanitarium Tender Fillets*
  • Sanitarium Bacon Style Rashers*
  • Sanitariuam Smoked Deli Slices*
  • Sanitarium Kebabs (Italian Red Pepper and Basil; Indian Kumera and Spinach; and Thai Sweet Chilli and Lime)*
  • Quorn products (every single one!)
  • Akta-Vite
  • Milo
  • Vitamin D3 supplements (most Vitamin D supplements you buy in the chemist are D3)
  • Naan (it’s made with milk, yoghurt or cream)
  • Any Indian food with the word makhani in it, even dhal (makhani means butter, and usually also includes cream)
  • Arnott’s Jatz crackers
  • Arnott’s Clix crackers
  • Any chips with a cheese flavouring (Twisties, Cheezels, Cheetos, cheese Doritos etc)
  • Any chips with sour cream and onion or cheese and chives flavouring
  • Doughnuts from Donut King – every single one has either dairy, egg or animal fat (most have animal fat – super gross)
  • All savoury products from Baker’s Delight and Brumby’s – they all have cheese
  • Everything from Bread Top except the deep-fried green bean glutinous rice balls
  • All the biscuits from the bakery sections of Coles and Woolies except the Anzac biscuits

* I’ve included Sanitarium faux-meat products in here, because some of them are vegan and some of them are not. I felt this was a good opportunity to specify which aren’t!



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